If you've been considering replacing your heating or air conditioning but aren't sure if you can afford it, now is the time to act. It will never be cheaper or easier to upgrade your home's HVAC equipment and overall efficiency than right now.

A typical cost of efficiency upgrades including HVAC:


-Air Conditioning, Insulation and Duct Sealing           $12,000

-Less Rebate                                                                             ($4000)

-Amount financed at 0%                                                       $8000

-Monthly Payment                                                                   $67.00

=Average monthly Utitlity Savings                                     $60 -$80


In this example, you would get a new high efficiency furnace, new high efficiency A/C, and improve the feel, comfort and efficiency of your home. Any out-of-pocket costs would be reimbursed by either a rebate or a 0% loan. Your low monthly payment would be offset by savings on your utility bills.


As energy prices rise, you save even more!


New Jersey natural Gas customers pay the loan right on your gas bill.


By upgrading to high efficiency heating and air conditioning, air sealing your home and beefing up your insulation, you will save money and make your home more comfortable all year long.

How Rebates Work

Clean Energy Rebates

With the RJ Walsh Associates, Inc. and the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, customers are eligible to receive benefits with every energy efficiency improvement package installed. Customers will receive greater benefits depending on the amount of energy saving measures performed.

Full Home Energy Audit


This audit includes a top-to-bottom inspection of your home using precision instruments and includes a detailed report on recommended energy efficiency upgrades. To schedule a home energy audit, call 609-509-0173.


Our Comprehensive Package

This package includes air sealing, hot water, insulation, HVAC upgrades, and more.


Benefits – 50% Rebates of $1,000 for a 10% energy efficiency upgrade, $3,000 for a 20% upgrade and $4,000 for a 25% upgrade. $10,000 of 0% financing is also available. To get started, please fill out our online form or call (609) 371-7433.

$4,000 in Rebates
$10,000 in
0% Financing