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Storage Tank Closure is one of our many specialties. RJW has removed hundreds of residential and commercial tanks throughout New Jersey. From 160 gallon residential heating tanks, to leaking 18,000 gallon UST's. We assess every project with particular care. We offer tank removal, soil & groundwater investigation, and site remediation if required. We keep up to date with all NJ DEP standards and regulations to assure proper closure at every site. Call us for professional removal of your Storage Tank.


  • Underground Storage Tank Removal

  • Aboveground Storage Tank Removal

  • Vacuum services

  • Tank Locating

  • Remedial Investigation

  • Contamination Cleanup

  • Certified Clean Fill

  • UST and AST Tank Installation & Modification

  • Written Reports

  • LSRP Work

UST & AST Removal

HIC # 0296500

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R. J. Walsh Associates, Inc

P.O. Box 119

Allentown, New Jersey 08501

Tel: (609) 371-7433

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